Journey deep into the unspoilt heart of the Waitotara.
It’s where adventure begins

The ‘Old Pioneer Totara Slab Hut’ sits nostalgically 6km in the Pokeka Valley floor. Can cater for the less active hunter and provides very good opportunities for hunting the fallow. Basic cooking gear, open fire, water, lighting, two beds (bunk), extra mattress. Own gas cookers are required. Tent areas for snorers etc and accommodating larger groups.

‘The Ridge Hut' is located on the highest point of the farm with spectacular views. Has a balance of moderate to steep terrain. There are steep tracks in this area, hunters are advised not to go above their ability, especially in wet conditions. 


The Ridge Hut is modern and has two bunks, sleeps four comfortably. Basic cooking gear, firebox, water, lighting. Own gas cookers are required.

‘The Boars Inn’ is an original building in a rustic setting refurbished by the late James Larsen (Peter’s brother) and is situated at the base overlooking the farm with views of the Waitotara River. This can be an option for bigger groups or those without quads.

  • Hunters are given a detailed map of farm boundaries and hunting areas.
  • We have an emergency kit in both huts that have emergency procedures.
  • Basic Hazards have been identified and listed for hunters to read.