Welcome to Remote Adventures Hunting

Remote Adventures HUNTING on the Larsen property is fair chase Fallow deer and goats. (Pigs on occasion). The fallow deer been hunted for a number of years have become at certain times of the year quite challenging. Remote Adventures manages animal numbers carefully asking hunters to shoot only certain ages and sexes to keep the animal numbers where they need to be. The meat hunts are very popular and present good opportunities to secure an animal for the freezer. Prime time for fallow bucks is April with some nice trophies being taken in the past. Hunting is year-round except for September when lambing is taking place.

Hunters must sign in at the base for a safety briefing before departing to the huts, this is essential as it is still a working farm and other activities are taking place on a regular basis. Transportation to the huts on your own quad bikes or side by side takes approximately 40 minutes and is a useful tool on the hunting blocks. A level of care and experience is needed alongside well-maintained bikes. Some tracks are very steep and riders are asked not to go beyond their ability.   An option of walking to the huts takes approximately 2 and a half hours. A chiller is available at the home base to preserve your prime venison. Hunters must have a current firearms license and must be sighted when signing in. During winter months conditions of the tracks limit trailer use.



We need you to bring some mandatory safety equipment that all lone hunters and groups (that are not splitting up )are going to need. This equipment includes an EPIRB (Emergency position indicating radio beacons. You can hire these from some Hunting and fishing shops and some I-sites) these need to be carried on your belts or safe pocket. You'll also need to wear Orange Camouflage high visibility shirts, vests, and preferably Caps, we also recommend you bring safety kits which will include a whistle, torch extra batteries, emergency compact thermal blanket. If you have any questions, please call us BEFORE you arrive as these items will need to be checked off on arrival at the pre-hunting briefing.

• Emergency kits and procedures in all huts.
• Hunters are given detailed maps of farm boundaries & hunting area
• Basic hazards have been identified and listed for hunters to read.

To enquire click this link to take you to our contacts page. Select your hunt, hut accommodation and preferred dates for your hunt and we will get back to you to confirm your booking.

General Information

  • Hunters are given a detailed map of farm boundary’s and hunting areas,
  • Both huts have basic cooking gear,
  • The Slab Hut has an open fire,1 bunk, and a spare mattress
  • The Ridge Hut has a fire box, lights, hot water, and 2 bunks.
  • We have a emergency kit in both huts that has emergency procedures.
  • Basic hazards have been identified and listed for hunters to read.