The Story of The Larsen property and the Waitotara

It all began in 1920 when FRED Larsen and his brother Albert were on a mission to look at purchasing a farm in Morrinsville. On transit they stopped over at the Waitotara Hotel and the farm was advertised on the hotel noticeboard. It looked interesting so they journeyed on horseback the longest no exit road in New Zealand for a farm inspection and the purchase of the Waitotara Valley farm was settled. Now over a hundred years ago, a legacy of farming enters its fourth generation. JIM Larsen (Fred’s son) took on the farming challenge with his brother Bob early in their early teens and together with their passion for flying flew their own Tiger Moth! (Now situated at Southwards Car Museum on the Kapiti Coast). Jim took over the farm and purchased a Cessna 185 in his 30’s and throughout his life enjoyed farming and flying together, partaking in a myriad of adventures and cargo! The Cessna parked proudly on the farm airstrip gave him also the extra benefit of flying to and from Whanganui, escaping the 1 hour 15 minute drive by car

Jim has now passed on but the legend and roar of the old Cessna are pretty well etched into the place. Jim and his son PETER together, started Remote Adventures in the mid 1990’s with the help of family spearheading the move. Diversifying into tourism made this unique environment, off the beaten track so to speak and what is has to offer, open and available to avid adventurers to experience and enjoy. Peter and his wife Wendy now farm the property and is still being run as a dry stock unit wintering 5000 stock units. Peter also with a passion for flying took up flying helicopters and has a helicopter base located on the farm premises. With hunting in the bloodstream Peter and Wendy decided to focus tourism specifically on the hunting opportunities Remote Adventures offers. Running the property, farming, flying and hunting side by side works well together in offering others the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate their home, a hunters paradise.